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Palestinian Ministry rejects Israel’s refutation of precautionary decisions


Ramallah, 30 March 2024 (TDI): The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has vehemently denounced Israel’s refutation of international precautionary decisions.

The Ministry believes that international courtesies must be respected by Israel.

Otherwise, any rejection of international precautionary decisions and orders exceeds everything reasonable, humane, legal, and moral.

The Ministry understands that the Israeli Prime Minister continues to deliberately thwart all decisions, orders, demands, and international consensus on the need to protect civilians.

Moreover, he is equally adamant about securing their basic humanitarian needs through the Security Council resolution and the orders of the International Court of Justice.

It also laments that the Israeli Premier continues placing obstacles to prove the international community’s inability to enforce international law and the agreements regulating the conditions of civilians.

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The Ministry, in entirety, rejects firstly, the usage of the slogan “Victory” by the Israeli Prime Minister.

Secondly, it denounces the fact that he is confronting and dismantling the concepts and foundations of the international position.

In the light of the war being waged, he is fabricating misleading narratives to thwart calls aimed at achieving a ceasefire, ensuring the protection of civilians, especially in Rafah, and introduction sustainable aid.

Thirdly, the Foreign Ministry refutes his aims of releasing the hostages by using military force as an option, whereby, he is objecting to valid international demands.

The attempts of Prime Minister Netanyahu prove that he is not keen on achieving any goals by agreeing on post-war arrangements with the international community and the legitimate leadership of the Palestinian people.

Legal, Humanitarian, and Moral Grounds Surpassed

The Palestinian Ministry believes that the margin of courtesy of the international community and states towards Israel has exceeded everything reasonable, legal, humanitarian, and moral.

Hence, the Ministry calls on the UN Security Council to immediately seek an answer to the question of its resolution’s provisions that are not being implemented.

How will the Security Council achieve the protection of Palestinian civilians when it is unable to bring 20 trucks of relief materials into the northern Gaza Strip?

How will the Security Council provide medicine for patients when it is unable to sustainably supply one liter of water to every Palestinian civilian, especially in the holy month of Ramadan?

Unfortunately, it has come to reflect the fact that the international community has lost its will.

And, it is reproducing its failure about human rights even at a minimum level such as the ability to bring relief aid to Palestinian civilians.

Unprecedented Principled and Moral Contradiction

The Palestinian Ministry laments that international demands, positions, and appeals take on the nature of begging without being translated into real pressures and measures that suggest sanctions.

The same is true for all international organizations that aim to prolong the war and ensure that his ruling coalition remains in power to complete the destruction of the entire Gaza Strip by emptying it of its population in all prohibited forms.

Conclusively, there is no deterrent. This strange irony appears in the positions of several countries.

These countries continue to demand that Israeli Premier should stop killing civilians, and simultaneously supplying them with weapons which is a blatant principle and moral contradiction revealing the low level of seriousness of those positions.


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