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Palestinian ministry condemns Israeli attempts to underestimate ceasefire consensus


Ramallah, 28 March 2024 (TDI): Today, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned Israeli attempts of underestimating the international consensus over ceasefire resolution.

The Ministry warns of the dangers imminent to international coexistence due to the Israeli justifications for not implementing the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2728 (2024).

The Foreign Ministry believes that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu underestimates the international consensus over ceasefire and imposes his way of managing the war on civilians and their basic human needs.

It regrets the dire situation as the occupation army continues to commit more crimes.

These include massacre of civilians as a result of brutal bombing of their homes over their heads and deepening the use of hunger and thirst as weapons in war and aggression.

Moreover, such attempts are leading to the expansion of famine and the spread of food insecurity among more than a million Palestinians and the entire population of the Gaza Strip are suffering from hunger.

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The Ministry understands that Israeli Prime Minister continues to impose his agenda and method in the ongoing war of extermination on Palestinian people for the 174th day in a row.

Above and beyond, this involves exploiting the inability of the international community to implement its decisions, and to ensure implementation of its unanimous will involving protection of civilians and provision of sustainable relief aid.

The Ministry is concerned over Israeli Prime Minister’s intentions of exporting the crises from Palestinian arena to the region and the world, at large.

Nevertheless, this involves, amid practical Israeli preparations to invade Rafah, engaging with all parties through a policy of “paying the price” to mitigate the severity of these crises and prolonging the survival of its ruling right-wing coalition.

Conclusively, the Ministry has alarmed regarding any international laxity in following up on its implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2728 (2024).

And, it has also urged the UNSC to take the necessary binding measures to achieve an immediate ceasefire ensuring the protection of civilians and the entry of humanitarian aid despite Israeli refusals.


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