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Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns Gaza aggression


Gaza, 16 November 2023 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates issues a stern condemnation against the ongoing genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, marking the 41st consecutive day of relentless aggression.

This deplorable escalation has resulted in grievous massacres and the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure, homes, and defenseless individuals, including women and children, with the intent to obliterate Gaza and eradicate the Palestinian presence within.

The Ministry also strongly condemns violations of and the crimes of the occupation forces and armed settler militias in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, including the continued imposition of the siege on the West Bank and its governorates and regions, mass daily arrests, home demolition crimes, and others.

The Ministry views with extreme seriousness the escalation in the bombing by Israeli warplanes across all areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in an increasing increase in the number of martyrs, wounded and injured civilians, and the escalation occurring through the expansion of the ground occupation war to include the central and southern Gaza Strip, as is the case with the commission of massacres.

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In the Al-Sabra neighborhood, the occupation army’s call to some neighborhoods in Khan Yunis to evacuate their homes, the incursions east of Al-Qarara, south of Khan Yunis, targeting towers in Khan Yunis, targeting schools in the middle of the Gaza Strip, and the continued bombing of homes, facilities, and mosques in the south of the Gaza Strip, in a frank and clear announcement of the beginning of a new phase of this barbaric war.

In continuation of an Israeli plan aimed at exercising the ugliest forms of military pressure to displace Palestinian civilians and push them to complete their displacement from the south to the far south, as this escalation entails incursions into more areas in the Gaza Strip after bombing it completely, which also means committing more brutal massacres and depriving Palestinian civilians of the most basic things.

Their rights and humanitarian needs, imposing more displacement on them, paralyzing and destroying the foundations of their existence in the Gaza Strip.

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