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Palestine’s Deputy Head details Gaza Crisis, pleas for aid


Gaza, 16 November 2023(TDI): Nadir Al Turk, Deputy Head of the Palestinian State Mission Embassy, explained the disastrous conditions prevailing in the territory of Gaza.

Nadir provided information regarding the current situation in Gaza. The majority of the hospitals in the Gaza Strip are currently closed, according to Nadir, and the situation there is getting worse every day.

He stated that Israeli tanks surrounded Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, while aircraft bombed the surrounding areas in a move that risked the lives of thousands of patients, wounded individuals, and medical staff.

The situation became even more dire as approximately 50,000 civilians sought refuge on the hospital campus after their homes had been destroyed, desperately searching for safety amidst the chaos, he added.

Due to a lack of fuel to run the generators and medical supplies and equipment, the hospital is unable to provide patients with electricity.

Nadir goes on to talk about the current situation, in which 1.5 million people are homeless. In the Gaza Strip, almost 60% of the homes, buildings, and infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed.

Many Palestinian civilians are drinking seawater since they haven’t had access to food, water, electricity, gas, or gasoline for the past five weeks.

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Too many patients are bleeding to death as a result of not having the supplies necessary to survive. The Palestinians were offered two choices by the Israelis: either they would bleed to death from hunger and dehydration, or they would be bombarded by American weapons and bombs.

Alternatively, the second choice would be to depart from Gaza and be deported, making them refugees for the second time since 1948.

Additionally, Israel agreed to permit 425 trucks to enter Gaza from the Egyptian border, but only in the southern portion. This will, at most, provide for one day to cover the daily needs of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, which is insufficient.

In a subsequent interview, Nadir Al Turk further discusses regarding the terrible conditions in Gaza.

Israeli officials plan to deport 2.2 million Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, rebuild settlements, and turn the Gaza Strip into an Israeli port. They plan to evacuate West Bank residents and demolish Aqsa Mosque, replacing it with a Jewish structure.

The expansionist group plans to establish a vast state from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Syria and Iraq

Bringing the conversation to an end, Nadir Al Turk puts pressure on Western governments to end supplying the Israeli government.

In line with United Nations Resolution 194, he also demanded the cessation of the occupation, the creation of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes. This would guarantee the safety and protection of its people.

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