Ramallah, 25 November 2021 (TDI): On the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates emphasizes the importance of eliminating violence against Palestinian women. Therefore, is considered a top priority of Palestinian diplomacy.

Through its work, Palestine calls for an end to the crimes of the Israeli occupation and its practices of discrimination. According to the Ministry, Palestinian women bear most of the violence of the occupation. It includes being subjected to premeditated murder, arbitrary arrest, forced displacement. As well, house demolition and land confiscation, and deprivation of basic rights and freedoms. Palestine indicates all racist policies and practices perpetrated by the Israeli occupation need to be investigated.

Occupation: Challenges of Palestinian women

The Ministry also condemns living in conditions of safety and restricting their movement. This condition prohibits women to practice their normal life in the occupied West Bank, especially in the city of Jerusalem.

On this day, the Ministry also highlights the suffering of Palestinian female prisoners. During the long years of Israeli occupation, more than 16,000 Palestinian women were arrested in Israeli prisons. This year, according to the latest update from the Palestinian Prisoners Club, there are 34 Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli prisons including 8 are mothers and 7 who are injured.

In Israeli prisons, they are exposed to verbal, physical, and moral violence, including deliberate medical negligence, acts that amount to war crimes, and Crimes against humanity. In regard to prison conditions, the Penitentiary Authority deliberately restricts the rights of prisoners, symbolizing a systematic violation of international agreements.

Hence, the Ministry calls on the international community to guarantee and respect its responsibilities for Palestinian women and girls most affected by violations of the Israeli occupation. The Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women frames the plan of the Palestinian government and its political leadership to work on the empowerment of women and enhance their role at the national level.

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