Islamabad, 13 October 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Anwar Ul Haq Kakar has welcomed the OIC delegation to Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir and met with Yousef M. Al Dobeay, Secretary General of OIC, on October 12.

Prime Minister lauded the sustained efforts of the OIC in support of the Kashmir cause, particularly in the wake of India’s unilateral and illegal actions of 5 August, 2019.

He also stated that the people of Pakistan and Kashmir had high expectations of the OIC.

According to the Prime Minister, tensions in South Asia are mostly due to the Jammu and Kashmir conflict.

He urged that peace in the region would remain elusive till its resolution.

The Prime Minister highlighted that Pakistan was committed to a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute by the UN Security Council resolutions.

He also emphasized the enormous sacrifices made by the people of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir to realize their unalienable right to self-determination.

He said they have always contacted the OIC and Ummah for assistance.

Moreover, he added that the Kashmiris have always looked to OIC and Ummah for support.

The increase of Islamophobia worldwide, particularly as it manifests itself in Hindutva, also caused the Prime Minister grave anxiety.

He warned that this posed a severe danger to world peace and security and advocated a stepped-up response to these forces.

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Ambassador Yousef M. Al Dobeay informed the Prime Minister of the OIC’s moral stance on the Jammu and Kashmir conflict.

He said that his trip to Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir in his position as the OIC’s Special Envoy on Jammu and Kashmir was a statement of the OIC’s unwavering commitment to the Kashmir cause.

Prime Minister said the people of Kashmir had “high expectations” of the 57-member intergovernmental organization and expressed his gratitude for its support of his country’s stance over the Kashmir issue.