Islamabad, 14 February 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari graced the graduation ceremony of the 42nd Specialized Diplomatic Course (SDC) as Chief Guest, on Tuesday.

The ceremony was held at the Foreign Service Academy (FSA), Islamabad. The Foreign Minister awarded certificates to 21 graduating diplomats of Pakistan.

Bilawal called upon the young diplomats to explore new tools in foreign policy including communication technology to effectively highlight the country’s narrative across the globe.

Address by Foreign Minister of Pakistan

While addressing the 42nd SDC ceremony, Bilawal reiterated that the rapid advancement of technological mediums defined new contours of diplomacy that necessitated an agile foreign service.

He highlighted that the government is arduously working for the betterment of relations with all international partners. In this vein, Bilawal emphasized Pakistan foreign policy’s pragmatic approach.

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The Foreign Minister recognized the country’s success in the Resilient Pakistan conference as a testament to its effective foreign policy. Bilawal talked about the changes taking place at the international level.

Along these lines, he said, “There is a need for foreign service to be more equipped with the skills and capacities to comprehend and adapt to the current day geopolitical and geo-economic realities.”

“It is imperative to adopt new tools which can act as a force multiplier for shaping and disseminating narratives, identifying opportunities for economic linkages and markets for exports as well as improving services for Pakistanis residing abroad.” Bilawal continued.

Foreign Minister appreciated the young diplomats and stated that they are Pakistan’s most valuable assets. Additionally, they have a great responsibility to enhance Pakistan’s strategic space in the international arena.

In the end, Bilawal commended the Director General of the academy, Mazhar Javed for conducting an excellent training program. He hoped that FSA as a premier institution would continue to exhibit a strong commitment to producing outstanding diplomats.