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Pakistani Truck Art Thrives in New York


New York, 27 September 2021 (TDI): On Sunday, the United States Embassy in Islamabad commended the efforts of a Pakistani-American, Murshid Masood Qazi for promoting Pakistani truck art on the streets of New York. Masood built a car representing Pakistan’s astonishing truck art culture in Buffalo, New York.

Murshid Masood Qazi, a Pakistani-American from Chakwal, prepared a car depicting Pakistan’s truck art and displayed it outside his restaurant ‘Clay Handi’ in Buffalo. The picture of the artistic truck has gone viral across social media platforms. The truck primarily features an alluring Pakistani floral design with peacock feathers and a restaurant advertisement on the front. The Clay Handi restaurant also posted the truck’s picture on their Facebook page, stating it depicts pure beauty and passion, besides love for the Pakistani culture.

Pakistani truck art culture has recently gained space in the Western states, with beautiful showcasing of hand-painted floral patterns, poems, and cartoons of popular characters displayed on the trucks. Despite being a normal thing for the natives, Pakistan’s truck art has begun to awe-strike the foreign citizens.

Ever since the trend of foreign tourism surged across the country, the government has been trying to shift the public narrative of Pakistan from a terrorism-ridden country to ravishing, cultural heaven. Hence, such public diplomacy and tourism appeal has greatly contributed to the popularity of trucks abroad, given their uniqueness and magnetism.


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