Lingfang, 30 April 2023 (TDI): On Saturday, the Pakistan embassy in China, in collaboration with Silk Road International Art Centre and Truck Artists enterprise ‘Phool Patti’, organized a Pakistani Truck Art Festival to celebrate the 83rd National Day of Pakistan and China-Pakistan Year of Tourism Exchanges.

The first-ever Truck Art Exhibition was held at Silk Road International Art Centre in Langfang City. The exhibition has begun on 29th April and will continue for almost three months till 24th July.

Ambassador of Pakistan to China Moin-ul-Haque thanked Phool Phatti and curators Rebekah and Deborah for successfully organizing the exhibition. He also “thanked the Silk Road International Art Centre for investing [in] this project.” Moreover, the Pakistani Ambassador hoped that the unique artwork would represent Pakistan in a unique way and inspire Chinese friends.

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The truck art of Pakistan is famous all over the world. In 2015, Dolce and Gabbana’s famous Italian brand painted Pakistani art on its kitchenware. Moreover, the world-famous K-pop band, Blitzers, shot the music video, “Hit the Bass,” in Lahore, displaying the dance on Pakistani truck art. The truck art is spreading the soft image of Pakistan all over the world.

kitchenware painted with Pakistani Truck Art like floral designs.
A Dolce and Gabbana’s kitchenware painted with Pakistani Truck Art like floral designs.
History of Truck Art and its Influence on Pakistani Culture

In Pakistan, the exuberant truck art plays a significant role in apprising people about social issues such as gender inequality, women’s education, and even calling politicians to end poverty. In other words, trucks are mobile billboards advertising the need of society. They are the primary mode of transporting goods within Pakistan from Karachi to Gilgit.

A truck depicts a girl with a book to promote girl's education.
A girl with a book and quote which reads “I want to study” and “I am your light.”

This art originally dates back to the 1920s when Bedford trucks were imported to the Sub-continent. On top of these trucks, the Taj or Crown was installed to make it more attractive. Over time, these trucks were embellished with floral designs. For truck drivers, truck art attracts more business. Therefore, each ensures their truck is beautifully painted.