Istanbul, 3 June 2022 (TDI): Automechanika, the world’s leading trade show for the automotive aftermarket, is being held in Istanbul from June 2-5 June 2022.

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and the Consulate General of Pakistan in Istanbul collaborated to create a custom-made pavilion for Pakistani businesses to showcase their products.

Automobile parts, tires, tractor equipment, and other motor accessories are all available from participating Pakistani companies.

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) provides businesses with a fantastic opportunity to display their goods and establish commercial relationships with buyers from other nations through this fair.

The Pakistani pavilion is made up of nine firms that specialize in meeting the automobile aftermarket industry’s demands in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. On the first day, the Pakistani pavilion had around 160 meetings.

Last year, Turkey imported more than $25 billion worth of automotive-related products from the rest of the world. Exports from Pakistan to Turkey include bicycle and motorcycle tires, tractor components, and other motor vehicle parts.

In particular, with greater demand and higher profits, the auto industry is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing sectors. Because of this, Pakistan’s exports to Turkey may grow.

Many Pakistani firms are expected to succeed in receiving orders for their products from Turkey and other countries, strengthening Pakistan’s involvement in regional and global auto-parts commerce.

TDAP’s Mandate

The mandate of TDAP includes recommending to the TDAP Board, a national policy for increasing Pakistani product and service exports, developing strategies and plans within the Board’s policy framework after receiving permission from the Federal Government

Moreover, to work with the Pakistani government to organize trade shows as well as delegations. Similarly, to plan and organize conferences, workshops, seminars, and other activities to promote exports at the local, national, and inter-provincial levels.

Its mandate also includes to improve exporters’ performance through measures like facility maintenance can boost economic activity and cut costs while increasing supply chain efficiency.

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