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Pakistani Consul General visits Italy’s leather exhibition Lineapelle


Milan, 1 March 2024 (TDI): The Pakistani Consul General, along with representatives from over 18 Pakistani trading companies, recently attended the international leather exhibition Lineapelle at Fiera Milano, Italy’s largest exhibition center.

The event showcased Pakistan’s high-quality original leather and its products to a global audience, highlighting the country’s presence in the international leather market.

Largest exhibition center Fiera Milano

The Italy’s Lineapelle exhibition, held under the umbrella of the renowned Made in Italy brand, attracted more than 40,821 trade visitors from 150 countries.

This prestigious exhibition featured various international events dedicated to leather goods and fashion accessories, emphasizing the importance of Italy in the global leather industry.

The 125th edition of MIPEL, organized with the support of Fiera Milano-Rho, ran concurrently with Lineapelle, Micam, The One Milano, Milano Fashion&Jewels, and Simac Tanning Tech.

Adolfo Urso, the Minister of Business and Made in Italy underscored the significance of supporting Italian SMEs in participating in international trade fairs to enhance Italy’s presence on the global stage.

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Claudia Sequi, President of Assopellettieri, emphasized the need for government support to bolster Made in Italy initiatives. Urging increased participation of SMEs in major international trade fairs and direct support for such events.

The presence of Italian companies, representing 65% of exhibitors, reinforces the role of these fairs in promoting Made in Italy products worldwide.

MIPEL, featuring over 200 brands, showcased a diverse range of bags and leather accessories under the theme “The Journey,” capturing the essence of contemporary travel.

However, Lineapelle, renowned for its focus on science-based fashion discussions, attracted a myriad of international visitors, further enhancing the event’s global appeal.

Driving international partnerships

Simultaneously, MiFur provided a comprehensive overview of leather and fur products, complementing The One Milano’s clothing and fashion theme.

The participation of international fur companies at MiFur underscored the synergies between various sectors within the Made in Italy framework.

These fairs, representing a collective effort by Italian organizations and associations, underscore Italy’s economic circularity on a global scale.

They serve as platforms for fostering collaboration, innovation, and international partnerships, driving the growth of Italy’s leather and fashion industries. Moreover, the participation of Pakistani trading companies further enriches these events.

Also, highlighting the deepening ties between Pakistan and Italy in the leather and fashion sectors and promoting cultural exchange between the two nations.

The writer is a dedicated graduate student pursuing an MPhil in DSS from NDU Islamabad.

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