Hanoi, 17 March 2022 (TDI): Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, Vice General-Secretary of Vietnam Textile Apparel Associations (VITAS) met with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Vietnam and Laos, Samina Mehtab.

During the meeting, both emphasized trade and investment-related issues. Since both countries have amazing topological habitats with four distinct seasons, a large population, huge natural resources, young labor force which could create a wealth of opportunity for the two countries.

Vietnam’s support for Pakistan in 2011 of European Union duty waiver for its textile products has been seen with critique. Since its establishment in 1999, VITAS has been working closely with enterprise, national and international partners in making strategies and promotion programs for the development of Vietnam textile & apparel and garment.

VITAS also pays great attention to sustainability in the textile and garment field and in 2017 establish a committee as a sustainable development committee with the aim of raising awareness of the textile business in the implementation of sustainable development strategy.

Pakistan-Vietnam Ties

Primarily the relationship between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is based on the bilateral relations between the countries which are based on mutual trade and international political relations.

Pakistan is represented in Vietnam with its Embassy in Hanoi, whereas Vietnam maintains its embassy in Islamabad. Pakistan maintained close ties with the United States led the Western bloc during the Cold War to counter the allegiance of India with the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc.

1960 and 1970 was an era where the US was involved in Vietnam War against Soviet-backed North Vietnam. During that period, Pakistan was involved in a war with its rival neighbor India in 1965 and 1975.

The war in 1971 resulted in a devastating defeat with the emergence of independent Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, later the US waged a war indirectly against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Consequently, due to that war in the neighborhood, Pakistan closed its mission in Vietnam in 1980 while Vietnam closed its mission in Pakistan. After the war, however, Vietnam emerged as a military power whereas its businesses & agriculture sector were not doing good.

The cities were highly damaged in the long costly divisive war. However, relations revived and improved over the period of time by Pakistan opening its Embassy in Hanoi in October 2000 and the Vietnam Embassy in Islamabad in November 2000.

Also, Vietnam opened a trade office in Karachi in December 2000 ensuring a cordial, friendly relationship with increased economic and military cooperation. Several visits were initiated from both sides.

“East Asia Vision strategy ” was outlined to establish an equilibrium between balancing the ties among Vietnam and other East Asian/Southeast Asian countries in order to circumvent Pakistan’s close relationship with China and Vietnam’s growing relationship with India.

Pakistan is Vietnam’s largest tea importer and Vietnam imports cotton, leather, surgical instruments, and pharmaceutical products. Potential for import includes motorcycle, coal mining investments, and aquaculture.

Vietnam also purchased military equipment from Pakistan. Pakistan considers Vietnam a potent diplomatic partner because of Vietnam’s full ASEAN membership which could support Pakistan by being a dialogue partner.

So under the East Asia Vision strategy, Pakistan can support Vietnam in the United Nations Security Council.