Islamabad, 10 February 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan summoned the Indian Charge d’ Affaires in Islamabad. The summons was aimed to convey serious concern as well as censure on the behalf of the Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan condemns the despicable act of forbidding Muslim girl students from wearing hijab (headscarf) in Karnataka. Karnataka is one of the Indian states. The Indian Charge d’ Affaires was demanded to communicate Pakistan’s extreme concern over the anti-hijab campaign, to the Government of India.

The campaign is being led by RSS-BJP in Karnataka and is a facet of exclusionist and majoritarian agenda which strives to brutalize Muslim women. Pakistan’s Foreign Office further articulated deep concern over rampant religious intolerance, stigmatization, negative stereotyping, and prejudice against Muslims.

Sustained religious intolerance against Muslims persists even after almost two years of the horrendous Delhi riots. The riots claimed the lives of 50 innocent Muslims in February 2020.

Moreover, Pakistan is also dismayed at the persistent silence of the BJP leadership as well as the lack of action against Hindutva adherents who openly incite for the genocide of Muslims. This happened at the recently held Dharam Sansad in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

It is imperative that the Government of India meets its responsibility to hold the perpetrators of harassment against women in Karnataka accountable. Likewise, sufficient steps should by embraced by the Indian authorities to guarantee the security, safety, and well-being of Muslim women.

Pakistan advised the Indian diplomat to communicate to the Government of India to take instantaneous action against the culprits as well as the accomplices of anti-Muslim violence in Tripura, Assam, Gurugram, and Uttarakhand.

Furthermore, Pakistan urged the global community, including the United Nations and OIC, to take notice of increasing Islamophobia in India along with making Indian authorities act accordingly for the prevention of methodical human rights transgressions against Indian minorities.