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Pakistan Prime Minister on Afghanistan crisis


Islamabad, 11 November 2021 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, released a statement regarding the Afghanistan crisis; on 9 November, via Twitter. Khan first remarked that Pakistan will continue to provide humanitarian assistance.

Then he called the international community to act now due to the moral obligation to help Afghans to face this humanitarian crisis. Khan then mentioned that he had been warning about the reality of the Afghan humanitarian crisis.

The World Food Program has the challenge of raising supplies for 22 million Afghans. At Maidan Wardak, the WFP delivered flour and many Afghans gathered there to get it. Then the note mentioned that if the weather is as bad as the predictions, many Afghans will face famine.


The executive director of the WFP, David Beasley, gave an interview to BBC. Beasley stated that Afghanistan is the worst international humanitarian crisis. Beasley remarked that he believed it to be the case for several reasons. The first is that the access to food of 95% of the population is scarce, 23 million are marching towards starvation.

According to Beasley, the next six months will be catastrophic, he compared it to hell on Earth. Many countries have severed their aid and ties towards the Taliban. Beasley has also challenged the governments and billionaires to attend the urgent call for help.


Many citizens gave their testimony to the BBC. Like Fatema, she is the mother of seven children, before the Taliban takeover, she used to receive flour and oil. But now she does not receive any, Fatema expressed her concern on the well-being of her children, as they are part of that vulnerable sector.

Winter is a threat that is looming because the snow began to settle on some parts of the country. The Afghan population at risk will be on the brink of catastrophe unless the States provide further assistance to prevent this.

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