Oslo, 8 June 2023 (TDI):  Ambassador of Pakistan Sadia Altaf Qazi received DG National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) VAdmiral Ahmed Saeed in the embassy to discuss the prospects of Pakistan and Norway cooperation in the shipping sector.

Admiral Saeed is in Norway to attend the event organized by Norway’s Ship Owners Association. 

The shipping industry, which includes several facets of marine trade, shipping services, and port development, enjoys cooperation between Pakistan and Norway.

The two nations’ cooperation has a great deal of potential to advance bilateral relations, increase maritime connectivity, and foster economic progress.

By working together in marine trade, Pakistan and Norway make it easier for commodities and freight to travel between them.

The trustworthy and effective shipping services offered by Norwegian shipping companies to Pakistani ports facilitate the free movement of commerce and strengthen the two countries economic links. This collaboration guarantees prompt delivery of commodities, encourages export-import activity, and helps to increase overall trade volumes.

To improve its nautical capabilities, Pakistan seeks Norwegian experience in port construction and infrastructure.

The expansion and modernization of Pakistani ports can benefit from the insights, technical support, and investment opportunities provided by Norway, which is recognized for its cutting-edge maritime infrastructure and port management techniques.

Through improved port capacity, efficiency, and safety brought on by this collaboration, Pakistan will be able to accommodate larger ships and become more competitive on the world shipping market.

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Both nations share cutting-edge technical developments and industry best practices. In fields like ship design, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability, Norway is renowned for its creativity and expertise.

Cooperation in information exchange and technology transfer can aid Pakistan in implementing cutting-edge shipping techniques, lowering carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable maritime operations.

Through training programs and initiatives to create capacity, Pakistan works with Norway to improve the skills and capacities of its maritime personnel.

For Pakistani maritime professionals, Norwegian marine institutes and training facilities offer specialized training, certifications, and knowledge exchange possibilities.

This collaboration increases the professionalism and competency of Pakistan’s shipping sector overall, assures the availability of competent workers, and supports maritime safety.

Promoting environmental responsibility in the maritime industry is a joint effort between Pakistan and Norway.

This entails cutting carbon emissions, establishing sustainable energy options, and adhering to global environmental laws.

Utilizing cleaner fuels, creating environmentally friendly technologies, and promoting the value of marine conservation are all examples of joint initiatives.

Both nations can expand marine connectivity, ease trade, and fortify their bilateral ties in the maritime sphere through mutual cooperation, knowledge exchange, and technical developments.