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Pakistan launches a MagnifScience Center in Karachi


Washington D.C., 25 November 2021 (TDI): On Monday, the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States of America Asad M. Khan digitally met with the CEO of the Dawood Foundation Trust, Sabrina Dawood. The meeting was arranged to discuss the future of the newly inaugurated The Dawood Foundation MagnifiScience Centre.

The TDF MagnifiScience Centre is an institute recently inaugurated in Karachi. The institute is built to provide learning and experience in the field of Science and Technology. The Ambassador of Pakistan Asad Khan arranged a meeting to understand the idea and the goal of the institute.

A discussion was made on ways to form linkages of the TDF MagnifiScience Centre with the Schools of the United States of America. The goal is to link this Centre with the STEM I.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

TDF MagnifiScience Centre

The Dawood Foundation MagnifiScience Centre is a Centre built to promote learnings in various innovative fields such as Science, Engineering, Music and Technology. It would provide exceptional Knowledge to people from different backgrounds and there is no restraint on age. The goal of the institute is to help individuals to grow in their preferred fields.

The Centre is built by the Dawood Foundation, one of the biggest charitable trusts for the public in Pakistan. The institute is established to allow people to understand and experience science in an informal way. Such free behaviour would indulge people’s minds towards critical thinking. It would teach them problem-solving techniques.

The Centre also has a science garden. It is established in the city that’s called the financial hub of Pakistan. The Centre’s motive of being linked with the USA’s STEM popularization would bring international attention to the institute and Pakistan.

The institute is a brilliant investment for the Public of Pakistan. An investment towards a greater community and an even greater Pakistan.

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