Johannesburg, 25 August 2023: Senator of Pakistan, Mushahid Hussain Syed represented Pakistan at the BRICS Seminar on 21 August.

In a historic move, Pakistan was invited to participate in a BRICS seminar in Johannesburg before the summit, marking its inaugural involvement in BRICS politics (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa).

Beijing supported Islamabad’s inclusion in the seminar, aiming to incorporate Pakistan into the alliance, with ongoing efforts led by Xi Jinping.

“Addressed BRICS Seminar in Johannesburg, just before BRICS Summit tomorrow, the first Pakistani to be invited at BRICS event, which is a growing body that now has 20 countries in the queue for membership” Communicating from Johannesburg, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed stated.


Moreover “Pakistan has welcomed BRICS expansion and urged BRICS to reject any New Cold War! Afro-Asian solidarity plus Brazil & Russia can play a key role in the new emerging global order, based on multilateralism & regional connectivity.” Senator added in his remarks.

Amidst this progression, China contends that the BRICS coalition should broaden its membership to encompass additional developing nations. This reasoning serves as China’s basis for supporting Pakistan’s entry.

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On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Modi broached the topic of BRICS expansion for the first time, marking a noteworthy occasion. Statements from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs also outline India’s stance, expressing endorsement for the expansion, media reported

The South African president expressed appreciation for Modi’s remarks regarding expansion, stating, “Delighted to hear India supporting the expansion of the BRICS”.

Aside from Pakistan, additional countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia indicated their eagerness to join the alliance, a matter discussed during the Johannesburg summit.

Pakistan has indicated, without specifically mentioning India, that there is a country attempting to exclude it from the coalition.

Pakistan further conveyed its determination to collaborate with all developing nations, including BRICS members, to tackle the global challenges at hand.