Vancouver, 20 August 2022 (TDI): The Consul General of Pakistan in Vancouver, Janbaz Khan, held an event in Western Canada on Friday where the Pakistani-made Al-Rihla Soccer ball to be used in FIFA World Cup was inaugurated.

Moreover, the event was held as part of celebrations for the 75th independence Day of Pakistan, celebrated on 14 August. The Minister of State for Trade, George Chow, was the Chief Guest during the event.

Furthermore, people from Pakistan’s diaspora in Canada, diplomats, and politicians from many parties also attended the event.

Al-Rihla Soccer ball:

The Al Rihla soccer ball is the 14th successive ball created by Adidas for FIFA World Cup. Adidas has been manufacturing the official FIFA World Cup match balls for the last 14 FIFA World Cups since 1982. Since then, Adidas has been manufacturing official match balls in Pakistan from time to time.

Correspondingly, this year, the match-ball is made in Pakistan and manufactured by Adidas. The ball is designed to support the highest game speeds. For example, it travels faster in flight than any other World Cup ball. Moreover, made with water-based inks and glues, it is also environment-friendly.

The name ‘Al-Rihla’ means the journey in Arabic, incorporating the architecture, iconic boats, and the flag of Qatar. Significantly, Qatar is the country that will host the World Cup this year in November.

FIFA World Cup 2022:

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is hosted by Qatar this year. It will officially start on 20th November 2022. It is the First World Cup hosted by any Arab country. Additionally, it will be the last World Cup to include 32 teams as the number will increase to 48 in the next World Cup.

The World Cup will officially start from the tournament between Qatar and Ecuador in Al Bayt Stadium. As of the latest updates, the ticket sales for the World Cup have already crossed 2.45 million.

Pakistan’s role in manufacturing:

Pakistan has a brilliant reputation for the manufacturing of sports goods. It manufactures many sports goods and kits that are used around the world.

Pakistan manufactures quality sports kits and goods for famous sports like cricket, basketball, football, and golf.

Pakistani hand stitching is very famous all around the world. During the manufacturing of football, hand stitching plays a vital role. Hand stitching adds to the quality and value of the footballs.

Adidas is the second biggest sports goods manufacturer in the world. It is producing official match balls from the last 14 FIFA World Cups. Markedly, Pakistan is always the top priority for producing Adidas sports goods.

They acknowledge the high quality of sports goods production all around the globe. Correspondingly, this helps in building a soft image of the country too.