Bishkek, 27 September 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and the Department of Medicine and Medical Equipment of Kyrgyzstan, recently organized a highly informative webinar.

The webinar was aimed at fostering cooperation and trade in the pharmaceutical industry between the two countries.

The event focused on familiarizing Pakistani pharmaceutical companies with the registration process in Kyrgyzstan, further strengthening bilateral ties in the healthcare sector.

The webinar, held with the participation of 17 leading Pakistani pharmaceutical companies, proved to be a significant milestone in enhancing partnerships and exploring new avenues for collaboration between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

It served as a platform to share insights into the regulatory requirements and procedures for pharmaceutical product registration in Kyrgyzstan.

The event featured presentations from experts in the field, including representatives from the Department of Medicine and Medical Equipment of Kyrgyzstan, who provided valuable information on the regulatory framework and guidelines governing the pharmaceutical industry in Kyrgyzstan.

Additionally, officials from the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan shared insights into the export potential and opportunities available for Pakistani pharmaceutical companies in the Kyrgyz market.

The participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, seek clarifications, and establish direct contacts with Kyrgyz authorities responsible for pharmaceutical product registration, fostering a better understanding of the regulatory landscape.

This collaborative effort reflects the commitment of both Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan to promote trade, investment, and knowledge sharing in critical sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

It also underscores the potential for increased cooperation and mutual benefit between the two nations.

The Pakistan Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, TDAP, and the Department of Medicine and Medical Equipment of Kyrgyzstan expressed their readiness to provide ongoing support and assistance to Pakistani pharmaceutical companies interested in entering the Kyrgyz market.

They also highlighted the significance of such initiatives in contributing to the overall economic development and well-being of both countries.

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