Buenos Aires, 12 December 2021 (TDI): From July to December, the Pakistan Embassy in Argentina organized an “Urdu Language and Culture Learning Course”. In the concluding session, Ambassador Muhammad Khalid Ejaz was the guest of honor.

Theย  Argentine Council for International Relations ‘CARIconsejo’ also participated in this cultural exchange. The goal of the Urdu language course was to build greater connections to improve cultural understanding from people of a different culture.

The Urdu language is the official language of Pakistan. It is a language from the Indo-European family. More than 70 million people speak Urdu as a first language.

By organizing these courses, the Pakistani Embassy in Argentina aims to foster its language and cultural ties with Argentina.


The Argentine Council for International Relations, created in 1978, stimulates the study and debate of international problems. It is a non-profit institution that promulgates the Argentine perspective on international issues.

As an institution, CARIconsejo has 4 principles that it upholds. Firstly,ย  plurality is one of the principles because the institution wants to cover international news and have a diversity of members. Secondly, the principle of liberty is to protect the opinion of each one of the members and preserve their diversity. Thirdly, the principle of objectivity focuses on giving unbiased analysis.

Finally, the principle of collaboration helps to collaborate with other parties and institutions to have a bigger picture.

Moreover, CARIconsejo covers regions of Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, Europe and Russia, the Middle East, and the polar regions.ย  It covers different topics from these regions. These include defense and security, economy, democracy, human rights, and coronavirus, and more.

CARIconsejo is also an institution with a membership base model.

Indeed, 3 types of membership can be found in its organization. First, the Individual members who enter voluntarily to associate and contribute financially with the organization. Second, members who are elected by the institution regarding the international issue and search for a different perspective. Finally, the institutional members, who are people that work with CARI, and are the ones who organize events, forums, and so forth.

Pakistan and Argentina share cordial diplomatic relations based on mutual respect and solidarity. Pakistan embassy regularly organizes such events to enhance cultural ties with the country and bolster people-to-people interactions.