African Union
African Union (AU) organized 10th High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance through hybrid means.

Addis Ababa, 11 December 2021 (TDI): African Union (AU) organizes the 10th High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance in Africa. African Union body African Governance Platform (AGP) organized the Dialogue. It was held from 9 to 10 December.

The Dialogue was held through hybrid means. The event’s theme was “Renewing African Renaissance as a Lever for Building a Democratic, Peaceful and Prosperous Africa.”

Participants of the Dialogue were officials from African Union (AU) member countries, and representatives from the AU organ institutions. Moreover, civil society organizations, youth & women organizations representatives, Regional Economic Communities also attended the Dialogue. Furthermore, academics, researchers, think tanks, the private sector, and United Nations officials joined the conference.

The 10th High-Level Dialogue aimed to provide policy discussions on issues of human rights, peace, and democratic governance.  The High-Level Dialogue offered an open space for policymakers, think tanks, researchers, and academics to interrogate policy and practice that help to build the cornerstone for a peaceful and prosperous Africa.

Furthermore, it shed light on democratic governance actions and recommendations that will guide non-state and state interventions at the national, regional, continental levels.

Goal and Thematic Focus of the Dialogue

The main goal of the Dialogue is to identify, assess and analyze normative and structural enablers to attain sustainable development and peace on the continent. Likewise, Dialogue allows disseminating evidence-based knowledge. Also, it provides a platform to share experiences in peace, security, and governance.

Moreover, the thematic focus of the Dialogue is to assess the dynamics of democratic governance and peace. It also discusses the opportunity to explore the normative and legal framework of the African Union. Besides, it considers the contribution of the creative arts in reinvigorating Africa’s Renaissance and renewal.

Additionally, the Dialogue focuses on the role of art in reinvigorating Africa’s Renaissance and renewal. Likewise, industry professionals, experts, and advocates shed light on the industry’s role in promoting peaceful and democratic Africa.