New York, 25 April 2023 (TDI): The United Nations General Assembly has formally elected Pakistan as the Chair of the UN Committee on Information (COI) for a two-year term beginning in 2023.

Ambassador Aamir Khan Deputy Permanent Representative represents Pakistan as CoI. Pakistan has pledged to promote fact-based information and combat the spread of misinformation across the globe.

The COI is a subsidiary body of the General Assembly responsible for overseeing the UN’s public information policies and activities, including issues related to communication and media relations.

Pakistan’s being elected as Chairman of the COI is a testament to its commitment to promoting transparency and combat misinformation.

This appointment is also significant as it marks the first time that Pakistan has held this position, and it demonstrates the country’s growing influence on the global stage.

Pakistan has a long history of combating misinformation and fake news, and this appointment provides an opportunity for the country to further contribute to international efforts in promoting accurate and reliable information.

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While Pakistan chairs the Committee on Information during 45th session, it aims to work with other member states to promote access to information and enhance media literacy.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Ambassador Aamir Khan presented the opening statement in which he said that he is looking forward to a close working relationship with the Department of Global Communication.

He also added that Pakistan will ensure that the Committee on Information continues to deliver on its important mandate.

Ambassador Khan concluded with remarks that Pakistan is honored to serve as Chair of COI, and he congratulated the newly elected Vice Chair states.

He further stated that Pakistan will continue to work towards strengthening the COI’s mandate with the support of member states.

Overall, this appointment is a positive development for Pakistan’s international standing and its efforts to combat misinformation.

It shows the country’s commitment to combating misinformation and enhancing its global reputation as a responsible player in the international community.