New York, 20 November 2022 (TDI): Pakistan and the Dominican Republic (DR) signed a joint communique formally establishing diplomatic relations on Friday. The signing ceremony took place at the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations (UN) in New York.

Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations, Jose Blanco signed the communique on behalf of Dominique Republic.

While the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, Munir Akram signed it on behalf of Pakistan. Both sides expressed their views of establishing cooperation in the fields of politics, economics, trade, and culture.

Moreover, they talked about enhancing tourism cooperation and people-to-people exchange. The envoys emphasized the existing cordial relations between both countries in United Nations and other international forums.

The officials discussed to further boosting these ties & diversifying the existing areas of collaboration. It is pertinent to mention that the new regime of diplomatic relations will help both countries in achieving joint goals of Sustainable Development in the UN.

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Additionally, Pakistan and the Dominican Republic will facilitate each other to promote the global agenda under the ambit of the Group of 77 (developing countries) and China.

Pakistan, Dominican Pre-communique relations 

Despite Pakistanis making a notable amount of Muslim communities in the Dominican Republic, the relations between both countries were not tied formally.

An Honorary Consulate of the Dominican Republic (DR) is present in Lahore, but there is no consular presence of Pakistan in DR. However, Pakistani nationals can legally travel to the Dominican Republic after submitting documents to Lahore Consulate.

About the Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic, a founding member of the UN, is the second largest and one of the most diverse countries in the Caribbean. It became independent in 1844.

The country has very limited relations with most countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. It has concentrated its diplomatic activities in four critical arenas.

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Those include the circum-Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, and Western Europe (mainly West Germany, Spain, and France).