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Pakistan congratulates Tajikistan on National Unity Day


Islamabad, 27 June 2023 (TDI): Pakistan extended its heartfelt congratulations to the government of Tajikistan on the special occasion of National Unity Day, celebrated every year on June 27 in commemoration of the end of the civil war and establishment of national unity.

As part of the celebration of National Unity Day, Tajikistan embassies throughout the world send their best wishes to the nation. The states also express their solidarity with Tajikistan on this special day.

The End of a Civil War

Tajikistan was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. With the collapse of the Soviet empire several nations declared independence. However, the unstable states became a whirlpool of conflicts.

Tajikistan became embroiled in such conflicts in 1992 when different factions began fighting with the government over control of state. This 5-year war resulted in the displacement of several people within the country and the killing of thousands, with several others becoming refugees.

Nevertheless, the country restored peace after President Emomali Rakhmon concluded a peace deal in 1997 that shared power between opposing forces.

The deal is crucial for Tajikistan as it upheld and promoted democracy and free elections in the country while laying the foundation for the revival of peace and economy in Tajikistan.

Celebrations of National Unity

June 27 is celebrated as a national holiday in Tajikistan with concerts and events organized country-wide especially in recreational and cultural parks along with the organisation of different competitions and performances.


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