Islamabad, 20 August 2023(TDI): Ministry Of Foreign Pakistan has disclosed a press release denouncing the inflammatory and highly disrespectful instance of Holy Quran desecration in the Netherlands on 18 August 2023.

As per the press release, this intentional act of Islamophobia severely wounds the sentiments of the global Muslim population, comprising 2 billion individuals, and jeopardizes the prospects of peaceful coexistence and inter-religious concord.

According to the spokesperson, these offensive actions cannot be shielded by the umbrella of legitimate freedom of expression, opinion, or protest.

International legal obligations require nations to prevent and disallow deliberate instigation of hatred, discrimination, and violence rooted in religion or belief.

Pakistan believes that freedom of expression comes with responsibilities. It is the responsibility of national governments and the international community at large to prevent racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic acts, stressed the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

That was the spirit behind the resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2022 to mark 15 March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, Foreign Ministry further stated.


Desecration of the Holy Quran

On August 18, Edwin Wagensveld, the head of the Dutch division of the extreme-right organization Pegida, vandalized a copy of the Quran at a demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy in Hague. He was joined by two additional individuals, according to the reports.

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The Dutch authorities had denounced the organization of the protest ahead of the incident; however, they asserted that they had no legal jurisdiction to obstruct it.

The police had cordoned off the street where the Turkish Embassy is situated, and there were approximately fifty counter-protesters in the vicinity as well.

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Several individuals initiated the act of hurling stones at Wagensveld as he tore pages from the Holy book.

In addition, approximately 20 law enforcement officers, armed with shields and batons, interceded as a portion of the gathering endeavoured to pursue him while he was departing.

Such analogous acts of sacrilege against the Holy Quran have occurred recently in various other European nations.