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Pakistan committed to green development of CPEC


Islamabad, 27 November 2021 (TDI): Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmed stated that Pakistan is committed to green development under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He emphasized that China and Pakistan have planned the project of the CPEC considering the green development. He highlighted that the CPEC has entered the phase of high-quality development. Under this phase, the projects will be completed under green development, he added.

Karot Power Station to reduce carbon emissions under the initiative of CPEC.

Iftikhar Ahmed noted that the Karot Hydropower Station has 95% completed. It will work to reduce carbon emissions. After its completion, it will provide Pakistan 3.2 billion KWh per year. He stated that the project is planned to reduce Pakistani Co2 emissions by 3500 tons. It will help Pakistan to achieve its sustainable development goals.

Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesperson highlighted that China-Pakistan cooperation is win-win cooperation. Pakistan has been benefitted from the Chinese multi-million project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) under which the CPEC is working. He stressed that China and Pakistan are all-weather friends. Their iron-clad friendship can never be broken, he added.

Green development is a mutual goal of the world

Green development is a mutual goal of the world to achieve sustainable development. Climate change has posed an unprecedented challenge to the sustainability of the world. No one is safe until everyone is safe in the world. Therefore, the international community has mutually agreed to achieve sustainable development to defeat the climate change challenge. The international community aims to achieve carbon neutrality as carbon emissions have threatened the prosperity of the world.

China has the vision to build a global community based on shared values with a shared future. Chinese project of BRI is a part of its vision of BRI by which it will connect the world. The connectivity between the countries will lead to interdependence. This will lead to creating a shared future of the world. It will help to enhance the prosperity in the world.

CPEC is also part of the Chinese vision which aims to help Pakistan in its social and economic development. Under CPEC, industries, infrastructure, roads, railways, and energy plants will be built. These projects are planned under green development which will help Pakistan to lower its carbon emissions.

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