Lahore, 18 July 2022 (TDI): Pakistan Chemical Expo 2022 is to take place in Lahore with a large number of national and international communities from 19 -20 July.

Pakistan Chemical Expo is the largest trade platform for chemicals and their related industries to showcase and introduce their products, innovations, and technology to National and International Suppliers, media, and visitors.

Further, the objective of this expo is to achieve a network with the global community and share innovative ideas and incorporate culture for benefit of both sides.

In addition, it will bring together an impressive array of experts, scientists, managers, and thought-leaders on a powerful and well-known industry platform.

Likewise, it will let these experts discuss the latest market trends, technological innovations, business opportunities, and regulatory issues in this rapidly changing market.

The display of 200 stalls will be part of it. Speakers from different fields will speak on the topics of Pakistan Chemical Industries and their challenges as well as on sustainability in chemical industries, and topics related to chemical industries.

Moreover, the delegates of industries of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Germany, and China will be the main international Exhibitors at Expo.

These industries include Aspen Technology, Realme Pakistan, and Exxon Mobil. Also, Farabi Petrochemicals, SUPCON Fluid Technology, Siemens, Korino Group, and Renesas Chemie Factory are participating.

Pakistan Chemical Industry

Chemicals are an essential part of modern life in the twenty-first century. Consumers purchase thousands of chemical products every day, ranging from household detergents to automotive paint; fertilizers to crop-saving pesticides, and pain relievers like Disprin to life-saving drugs and vaccines.

Additionally, Pakistan has a diverse and thriving chemical industry with the potential to become a regional/global player. Also, Pakistan’s chemical industry has started to focus on green chemicals, which will greatly benefit the bio-economy.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s chemical industry is aiming to achieve competitiveness by substituting imports and improving processes.

Also, Pakistan Chemical Manufacturing Associates represents over 100 enlightened members. These include champions, large, medium, and small players who produce thousands of diverse chemicals.