Tokyo, 11 July 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan Embassy in Tokyo provides full assistance to local governments around Japan. The purpose of this support is to increase the export of manpower from Pakistan to Japan.

Ambassador Raza Bashir Tarar and the Mayor of Biratori, Hokkaido, recently exchanged friendship letters. This gesture indicates their commitment to increasing Pakistani manpower engagement in Japan.


During the discussion, Ambassador Tarar reminded the City government of the Embassy’s collaboration in exploring new opportunities.

The Pakistan Embassy expressed its commitment to improving ties between the two countries. This act also enables the transfer of skilled man power from Pakistan to Japan.

By providing assistance to Japanese local governments, the Embassy hopes to enable the smooth integration of Pakistani employees into various areas of the Japanese economy.

The exchange of friendship letters between both officials highlights their mutual commitment to cooperation. It also underscores the importance of enhancing bilateral relations.

The Embassy’s commitment to continuous assistance shows its commitment to exploring new opportunities for collaboration.

This also maximizes the potential of cultural and economic exchange initiatives.

By working closely with city governments, the Embassy aims to create a conducive environment for Pakistani workers in Japan.

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The Pakistan Embassy remains committed to its role as a facilitator. It continues to strive to strengthen bilateral ties between both nations and bolster the export of skilled manpower as well.

The collaboration between the two states sets a favorable example for future businesses. It emphasizes the importance of bilateral cooperation in the interests of both nations.