Islamabad, 14 June 2022 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif has approved a new transit visa policy for Afghan citizens.

The Prime Minister approved the policy allowing Afghan citizens travelling abroad through Pakistan to obtain on-arrival visas. The concern for the Afghan citizens and illegal immigrations led to this decision. 

Furthermore, the government of Pakistan would issue 30-day transit permits to Afghan citizens within 24 hours under the new policy.

Recently, People from Afghanistan protested in Islamabad. They asked to be moved to developed countries as soon as possible.

Therefore, the government’s decision to start a new visa policy should ease most worries about how well Afghans will be able to travel.

Prime Minister Sharif shared in a tweet that, the government’s new Afghan visa policy is part of their efforts to continue aiding the Afghans in their hour of need.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that, they will be able to finish their documentation for further travel if they are granted a transit visa. The international community should also provide a hand to the Afghan people.

Moreover, according to the new policy, nations that allow Afghan residents to immigrate can apply for transit visas from Pakistan.

Afghans have a safe sanctuary in Pakistan

According to the latest UN figures, 1.3 million Afghans live in the country. And over 300,000 have flown to Pakistan after Kabul’s fall. See more

Afghan Refugees
UNHCR Data of Afghan refugees inside Pakistan

Moreover, Pakistan is the only safe haven for Afghan residents. It has been a “destination of choice” for millions of Afghans leaving their war-torn homeland over the past four decades.

Currently, for many Afghans, this is a life-or-death situation. Fearing the Taliban’s fury, journalists, artists, and civil society activists have joined individuals linked with the former administration in fleeing Afghanistan.