Islamabad, 17 April 2023 (TDI): Pakistan has applauded Saudi Arabia’s peace efforts in conflict-torn Yemen, according to a statement issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry

The statement expressed Pakistan’s support for the ongoing peace negotiations in Yemen aimed at ending the persistent conflict in the country, which has caused severe economic and humanitarian damage.

Pakistan supported the active engagement of Saudi Arabi for helping secure a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Yemen, working alongside key regional and global players to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution for the country.

Moreover, the statement also highlighted Pakistan’s appreciation of the efforts being made by the United Nations to mediate the peace talks in Yemen.

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Pakistan has been a strong supporter of the UN’s endeavors toward conflict resolution and has played an active role in supporting the efforts of the UN special envoy for Yemen.

Pakistan firmly welcomes recent dialogue and diplomatic engagement to achieve peace in Yemen.

According to the Pakistan’s foreign ministry, Saudi Arabia’s efforts toward a peaceful resolution of the Yemeni conflict are opportune and would promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

Pakistan also restated its principled support for a political solution to the Yemeni situation via negotiation and consultation.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has historic and fraternal ties with Yemen and thus has a vested interest in ensuring peace and stability in the country.

At the same time, Pakistan’s strategic location in the region makes it a crucial player in the peace process. It enables it to support regional and global organizations in their efforts to achieve peace in the war-torn country.

The statement released by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan reflects the country’s commitment to supporting sustainable peace in Yemen and its continued efforts to promote regional and global stability.