Islamabad, 26 September 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan, Leopoldo Sahores called on the Speaker of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.

Matters pertaining to bilateral and parliamentary relations were discussed in the meeting.

Remarks of the Speaker

Speaker said that Pakistan attaches immense importance to its relations with Argentina as both fraternal countries are tied up in deep bonds of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.

He said the Pakistan-Argentina Parliamentary Friendship Group in the National Assembly of Pakistan reflects stable parliamentary relations between the fraternal countries.

He underlined that regular exchange of Parliamentary delegations, economic collaboration, and people-to-people contact will consolidate relations between both countries.

While talking about investment opportunities in Pakistan, the Speaker said that the incumbent is making dire efforts to introduce various incentives for foreign investors besides providing a favorable environment for them.

He also underlined the need to expand collaboration between Pakistan and Argentina in fields of common interest including climate change, agriculture, and information technology.

Furthermore, talking about the successful organization of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) seminar by the National Assembly of Pakistan said that the developed countries of the world are responsible for the rapid climate change in Pakistan as it only has less than 1% share of environmental degradation but is facing worse consequences in the form of floods.

He added that an emergency resolution will be presented in the next meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Rwanda that intends to forcefully demand the developed countries compensate for irreparable socio-economic losses due to climate change in developing countries.

In addition, the two sides also underscored the need of enhancing cooperation in agriculture as both countries have much in common and may benefit from the experiences of each other in the sector. They also agreed to play their due role in the promotion of sports in Pakistan particularly football.

Remarks of the Ambassador

The Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan said that Argentina also attaches great significance to Pakistan and desires to further strengthen mutual economic and parliamentary cooperation.

He reiterated Argentina’s commitment to boost inter-Parliamentary relations and urged the need for frequent exchange of parliamentary delegations.

He also extended his all-out support to Pakistan in overcoming challenges including the climate crisis that has resulted in massive floods that have affected 33 million people across the country

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