Pakistan Ambassador to Niger Received Special Advisor to the Niger Presidency

Pakistan ambassador to Niger (Right), with the Niger Presidency Special Advisor (Left)

Niamey, 22 October 2021 (TDI): Ahmed Ali Sirohey, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Niger, received in his office Mahmoud Mokhtar, the Special Advisor to the Presidency of Niger.

The meeting aimed at useful measures for enhanced bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Niger.


Moreover, various prospects for mutual cooperation were put under light during the meeting. Pakistan and the Republic of Niger shares cordial relations, and both of the nations desires to extend their diplomatic and economic relations.

As a gesture of peace and friendship, the ambassador of Pakistan presented the Niger Presidency special advisor a framed picture of “Mir Masoom Shah Minaret.” The minaret is built near the tomb of Mir Masoom Shah, the 16th century Sindhi Muslim Historian, Physician, and Pharmacist.

The epicenter of the meeting remained at the subjects of common cooperation between Pakistan and Niger.

The meeting concluded on a good note, and both, Pakistan’s ambassador to Niger and the Special Advisor to the Presidency of Niger desired to work for enhanced and growing cooperation between the two Asian and African nations.

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