Pakistan Ambassador to Afghanistan meets Turkish counterpart

Mansoor Ahmad khan (R), Cihad Erginay (L)

Kabul, 16 October 2021 (TDI): The Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad khan met the Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan, Cihad Erginay. This meeting took place at Pakistan’s Residence in Kabul.

Pakistani Ambassador welcomed Turkish counterpart. During their meeting, both Ambassadors discussed the prospects of peace and stability. Afghanistan needs International community recognition to bring stability to the region. They must form an inclusive government with equal representation from all ethnic communities. women must be given equal rights. They agreed that an Inclusive government can bring peace to the region. They also discussed the prospects of economic cooperation in the region.

The officials had a fruitful discussion on the current political, security, and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. They also discussed the way forward towards lasting stability.

Cihad Erginay thanked Mansoor Ahmad khan for his warm hospitality. He showed gratitude and appreciated his deep insights regarding the Afghanistan context.