Minsk, 12 June 2023 (TDI): The Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan, attended the Russia Day reception organized by the Envoy of Russia to Belarus, Boris Gryzlov, along with other distinguished guests, including Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko.

The occasion honored the nations’ enduring friendship and strong relations. The gathering of diplomats, government officials, and highly esteemed attendees amplified bilateral association, enhanced diplomatic ties, and symbolized governments’ steadfast allegiance to fostering regional harmony and collaboration.

Envoy Khan, representing Pakistan at the reception, conveyed heartfelt best wishes to Russia and its people on this historic day on behalf of the people of Pakistan. This event offered a moment for both countries to demonstrate their pledge to intensify diplomatic links.

Pakistan and Russia have a long history of diplomatic relations that have been strengthened by mutual respect, understanding, and a desire to expand bilateral collaboration across several sectors.

Diplomat Khan underscored the shared principles and deep-rooted cultural links that have contributed to the evolution of Pakistan-Russia relations. He emphasized Pakistan’s dedication to bolstering existing connections and seeking possibilities to grow partnerships in trade, business, education, and cultural exchanges to benefit both countries.

The Pakistani Envoy appreciated the Russian Ambassador to Belarus for his warm reception and hospitality. This engagement was also crucial for Pakistan, Russia, and Belarus to underline their shared values and dedication to harmonious coexistence, prosperity for all, and international stability.

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As the ambassadorial delegations exchanged perspectives and engaged in meaningful conversation, the event served as a reminder of the essence of diplomacy and international alliances in achieving peace, stability, and progress.

The gathering revealed all countries’ steadfast enthusiasm for creating bridges of understanding and collaboration, especially during global crises.

The attendance of the Pakistan Embassy to Belarus at the Russia Day event reflects Pakistan’s continuous commitment to cultivating strong and substantial relationships with its global allies.

It also highlighted Pakistan’s devotion to building closer ties with Russia and Belarus, aspiring to create lasting alliances to ensure the region’s continued growth, development, and prosperity.