Washington DC, 23 August 2022 (TDI): More than 6,000 vendors from Pakistan were registered on Amazon platforms last year after the major global e-commerce giant opened seller registration for the nation.

This was shared by Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States (US). He continued that “This was a significant breakthrough for Pakistan providing much-needed international online business exposure to the country.”

Along these lines, Ambassador Masood further enunciated that “according to Amazon, these sellers have done good, steady business over the past few months. This is just a beginning, with a promise of huge expansion.”

He predicted that with improved networking and integration with US internet platforms, the number of Amazon-supported firms will increase tremendously.

He was speaking to the 35-person Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group (WIPG) group when they met with him at the Embassy, yesterday.

Professionals can benefit from WIPG’s assistance in expanding their networks, reaching their full potential, and providing value to a range of stakeholders.

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Additionally, it helps businesses, associations, and organizations connect with the appropriate talent to meet their objectives.

Former governor of Puerto Rico; Luis Fortuno, President of WIPG; Nelson Garcia, economists, government officials, company presidents & CEOs, as well as business owners, investment fund managers, legal professionals, and diplomats made up the delegation.

Better collaboration between Pak-US professionals, IT specialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders, according to the Ambassador, would result in win-win solutions for the two nations.

Such collaboration will also support the expanding demands of the US economy. “In the past two decades, the two countries remained focused on tackling security issues in the region.

These decades of lost economic and business opportunities for Pakistan need to be substituted with massive investment and commercial activities”, the Pakistani Ambassador emphasized.

Masood Khan further stated that Pakistan, with a population of 220 million people, offers ideal conditions for US investors and entrepreneurs to explore, invest in, and expand their businesses not only to Pakistan but also to Central Asia, West Asia, and the Middle East, and North America.

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Pakistan also has 130 million youth under the age of 30, 110 million mobile broadband subscribers, and a tech-savvy young human capital.

The Ambassador went on to point out that Pakistan’s tech sector was exploding and ready to assist the entire region while highlighting the impressive expansion of start-ups and the industry over the previous few months.

In the same vein, Ambassador Masood claimed that strong connections were being created at all levels, including between governments, businesses, and most crucially, between individuals.

He asserted that the strongest and most durable link tying the two nations’ populations together is the diaspora. Hence, the two must cooperate to further solidify alliances in every conceivable sector, such as trade, investment, health, energy, the fight against climate change, green and renewable energy, and agriculture.

The Ambassador congratulated the Washington-based organization for looking into how to connect Pakistani professionals with their American counterparts. He claimed that Pakistan had a rising pool of skilled workers.

Lastly, the Ambassador addressed the attendees’ inquiries about commercial possibilities in Pakistan, Pakistani exports to the US, notably rice, and the regional security situation.