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Pak Maritime Security Agency rescued crew merchants vessel stranded off the Karachi coast


Islamabad: 30 July 2021 (TDI)

According to a statement issued by International Services and Public Relations (ISPR), the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency successfully evacuated the stranded crew from a merchant ship south of Karachi on Friday. 

ISPR reported that the PMSA Maritime Rescue Coordination Center received a report that the SUVARI H sailing from Candela, India to Bossaso, Somalia, ran aground along with 18 crew members about 180 nautical miles south of Karachi. 

 In coordination with PMSA, the Pakistan Navy immediately hired ships and aircraft to help stranded ships and save precious lives.

The Pakistan Navy and PMSA aircraft arrived at the scene, deployed life rafts to assist the crew at sea, and coordinated the evacuation with the nearby merchant ship, MT ELAN VITAL. 

So far, according to ISPR, 15 crew members have been found and 3 of them are missing. 

According to the official statement, Pakistan Navy and PMSA ships are also conducting search and rescue operations for missing crew members near designated locations.

The ISPR statement also pointed out that the Pakistan Navy, as the general coordinator of NAVAREA IX, always puts maritime safety in the first place and responds immediately to help the shipping community in distress. 

The accident occurred a few days after the Hong Kong shipping company, MV Heng Tong 77 lost its anchor last week and started drifting in shallow waters near Karachi. 

On Thursday, the Pakistan Navy and other maritime actors successfully completed the unloading of the merchant ship. 

The Pakistan Navy commanded, and coordinated all efforts; helped overcome the challenges in the disclosure process, eliminating the risk of marine pollution,” the Pakistan Navy said in a statement on Thursday. 

Karachi Port (KPT), officials from the Pakistan Navy, and Maritime Security Agency (MSA) jointly conducted this operation, which began on Thursday morning. 

 This ship is loaded with 118 tons of marine fuel. 

Earlier, Mahmoud Mulvey, the Prime Ministers Special Assistant to Maritime Affairs, stated that the authorities would try to prevent a drop of oil from leaking before attempting a rescue in the middle of next month. Mahmoud stated he could not attempt to rescue the ship until August 15.


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