Islamabad, 7 January 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Pakistan received a high-powered Omani Business Delegation yesterday. The latter, headed by the Chairman Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry joint in a bilateral meeting with Shah Mahmood concerning economic diplomacy.
Pakistan and Omani Business Delegation relations 
The Omani business delegation met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to discuss the matters of trade and investment between Pakistan and Oman.
The Omani business delegation met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and discussed the prospects of trades and investment between Pakistan and Oman.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan looks forward to maintaining bilateral ties with Oman through sustainable economic relations.
While talking to a delegation of Omani businessmen,  Imran Khan said that Oman and Pakistan exchange decades-old relations based on common culture, religion, and public contacts.

Then, he directed the concerned government entities to further cooperation between the two states in the fields of trade and investment. This is by taking the imperative actions and designing effective policies in joint economic projects.

Therefore, the dignitaries of both sides agreed to take necessary steps to enhance cooperation in the areas of mutual interest. Especially to expand trade and boost markets of both states.

Relevant remarks in words of Pakistan Foreign Minister

Meanwhile, Chairman Oman Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Redha Al Saleh, along with a twenty-five-member delegation, called on the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad.

First, the Foreign Minister warmly welcomed the delegation and highlighted the existing nature of Pakistan-Oman relations. This is based on shared faith, cultural values, and historical links.

Later, it is important to point out that the prime focus of Pakistan is on geo-economics, economic security, regional connectivity, among others. So that he mentioned that Pakistan desires to expand its commitment for an intense economic, and investment-based cooperation with Oman. Particularly linked with bilateral collaboration.

Besides that, Pakistan Foreign Minister urged Omani business projects and Pakistani diaspora to collaborate for joint ventures in multidimensional fields. That is why he also encouraged Oman to take advantage of the potential of human resources available in Pakistan through investment projects. These benefit from skilled manpower in diversified fields.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi also highlighted the significance of regional connectivity through an economic corridor. It will further pave the ways for Oman to connect with the landlocked Central Asian States and the porous borders of Afghanistan.

Likewise, he emphasized the importance of public diplomacy in an age of globalization. Thus, he urged fostering ties in the field of tourism to expand cultural ties and public connections.

Omani Delegation Keynotes

On the other hand, the Omani envoy highly appreciated the comprehensive review of bilateral economic ties within the Pakistan administration. Mainly about strengthening cooperation in the areas of mutual interest such as Oman’s “Vision 2040”. This brings a length of opportunities in a wider context for investment in Oman.

Moreover, the Omani delegation discussed the prospects of Business to Business (B2B) contacts between the two states. In that line, they highlighted the plans to enhance cooperation in the field of tourism, industry, mining, health, communication, technology, and transportation sectors.

Finally, the Foreign Minister assured for extending possible support to execute the designed plans and policies. Those will provide colourful shades to the existing economic relationship between Pakistan and Oman.

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