Geneva, 30 June 2022, (TDI): The 50th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council has expressed their concerns regarding the atrocities against civilians in Ethiopia. The security of civilians in Ethiopia is at stake. 

The moderators of the sessions are alarmed by the brutalities against the citizens of Ethiopia. “Any spread of violence against civilians is an early warning indicator and a precursor for further atrocity crimes,” said the session Chair and Chairperson to Ethiopia Commission, Betty Murungi.

Ethiopia is facing one of the worst ongoing humanitarian crises. The Tigray Crisis has been brought to a truce, but the country is still facing the ravages of the conflict. 

The Tigray Crisis 

People in Tigray have been exposed to grave violence and human rights violations. There is widespread hunger and limited or no access to health care facilities at all.

The conflict has been going on for almost two years. Though a humanitarian truce has been reached, the civilians are still devastated. The Government of Ethiopia hopes that the truce will improve the situation of the civilians, but they still do not have access to vital resources.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and more than five million people have been displaced from their homes. Unfortunately, this is the highest number of internally displaced people recorded according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

People in Tigray have complained that they have not received the aid. They blame the Ethiopian government and the military forces to block the access to aid to Tigray. These people have been waiting for aid, but it never reached them.

The Ethiopian government has denied this accusation of blocking access to aid 

Canada at the 50th HRC Session:

Canada has also voiced support for Ethiopia at the 50th session of the Human Rights Council. OHCHR encourages Ethiopia to cooperate so they can conduct an action plan they can bring accountability for human rights violations.