Beijing, 30 June 2022 (TDI): The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson gave his remarks about the wrong comment on China at the recent G7 summit.

At the recent 48th G7 summit a Leader’s Communiqué was released. The word “China” was used 14 times in this document. It was critical of China’s matters on human rights, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, South China Sea, East China Sea, and Taiwan.

The Chinese Spokesperson said that G7 issued a text that used the word “China” negatively in last month’s G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. They have once again attacked and smeared China. Their narrative tries to interfere in China’s internal matters.

It shows that G7 has no intention of cooperation and dialogue on the basis of equality. They prefer group politics to serve their own interests. G7 is still working with their Cold War mentality.

He added that Hong Kong is China’s internal affair. The law guarantees the democratic rights and freedom of the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is governed in accordance with the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China.

In addition, he added that G7’s own record regarding human rights is far from perfect. They use human rights issues as a tool to interfere in the internal matters of other countries.


He mentioned that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. There is only one China. The Taiwan authorities are pushing the “Taiwan Independence” agenda. The USA and a few other states are using Taiwan to counter China.

This is one of the greatest threats to Taiwan’s peace and stability. China has every right to safeguard its security and sovereignty.

The Spokesperson added that G7 has taken the most benefit from globalization. They have the responsibility to promote world economic growth and tackle economic issues.

G7 has not taken any actual steps at a critical time in the global pandemic response. They have only made statements about cooperation and solidarity.

He further mentioned that the group only comprised one-tenth of the total world population. They have no right to speak for the whole world.

Furthermore, he urged that G7 should fulfill its responsibilities. They should avoid double or even multiple standards and promote true multilateralism. Finally, he said tha they should also stop all kinds of meddling in China’s internal affairs.