New York, 14 March 2023 (TDI): Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations (UN), Mona Juul highlighted the situation of women in Myanmar, at the side events and meetings in the UN headquarters.

The Norwegian Mission to the UN hosted a press briefing with Myanmar women representatives. The key speakers included May Sabe Phuy from the Women Advocacy Coalition Myanmar and Naw Hser, from the Women’s League of Burma.

The Ambassador commended the unceasing courage and commitment of civil society representatives for their untiring commitment to women’s rights in Myanmar.

The women-led civil society organizations in Myanmar are calling upon the international community to support and promote human women’s rights in Myanmar.

Norway provided a platform for these women-led organizations of Myanmar to speak for themselves to the world community.

Since the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, the hard-won battles by women have been reduced to ashes. Myanmar’s women and girls face a compelling crisis.

There has been a significant increase in harassment, forcible detentions, displacement, sexual and gender-based violence, torture, deaths, and political targeting of women human rights defenders.

Women-led civil society organizations have been operating within their civic space to work towards defending women’s human rights with strong networks at are Union and state levels as key actors in formulating policies for women and girls.

Despite, mounting and formidable challenges, these defenders gave been playing a critical leadership role in furthering human rights.

The ongoing armed clashes in Myanmar have impacted and plunged 17 million people into humanitarian need. Women and girls, in particular, have been subjected to inhuman treatment, reversing decades of progress.

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The press briefing highlighted the protection of women in civil society and the inclusion of women in political processes pivotal to the democratic transition in Myanmar.

Women human rights defenders have been at the forefront of highlighting the gendered impacts of the crisis in Myanmar and specifying future political contours for the country.

Ambassador Juul stated that Norway has always been a staunch supporter of women-led civil society organizations in Myanmar.

The Norwegian mission to the UN further supported Myanmar women in speaking for themselves and voicing their concerns to the UN and its member states.