Porto-Novo, 23 February 2022 (TDI): Sahadi Sandi Abdou, Niger’s Ambassador, and Diplomatic Corps Dean, has completed her tenure in Benin.

President Patrice Talon, Grand Master of the Order, has opted to adorn the Dean of the Corps with the rank of Commander in the National Order of Benin.

The award is given in recognition of her competence and effectiveness in humility, modesty, and respect for the principles that underpin peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

As Special Envoy of Niger, Sahadi Sandi Abdou has taken Beninese-Nigerian collaboration to achieve significant development on diplomatic, commercial, military, and cross-border cooperation levels owing to her expertise, energy, and effectiveness.

Her intellectual, moral, and social skills greatly contributed to the success of her position as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Benin. The Ambassador on her part expressed her deepest gratitude and emotions of great regard to the Head of State and the people of Benin.

She said she would like to point out the major changes taking place in Benin, as well as the significant projects that have been completed in multifarious areas.

These include road infrastructure, drinking water supply, education, health, and the beautification of large cities, as well as in the energy and electricity sectors.

Sahadi Sandi Abdou is a member of the Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has been serving as the spokesperson for the Diplomatic Corps in Benin since 2013.