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Nebenzia Presents Russia’s Concerns over Syria in UNSC


Washington, 25 August 2021 (TDI): At the UNSC briefing on Syria, the Russian Permanent Representative to UN Vasily Nebenzia highlighted the worrisome economic and social scenario in Syria.

Nebenzia stated that despite a ceasefire in major areas of Syria, the situation still remains troublesome. Bombing, clashes by the Kurds, and military actions do not seem to stop. He expressed grave concerns about the threats to the social life of Syrians. Also, he stated that a large number of sanctions and looting of oil have plummeted the economy of Syria. With that,  Nebenzia briefed that the US military is trying to justify the US occupation of northeastern and southern Syria using UNSC resolution 2254 as a reference. He stated that this is unjustifiable and the US should rather emphasize maintaining the sovereignty and independence of Syria. He also reiterated Russia’s firm support towards the Syrian peace dialogue.

The UN Security Council meeting on 24 August 2021 was the first session after the adoption of UNSC resolution 2585. This resolution was unanimously adopted in July 2021. It authorizes the extended use of Bab al-Hawa border crossing for the purpose of transporting Humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians for six months.




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