Bratislava, 1 February 2022 (TDI): Slovakian Prime Minister, Eduard Heger announced that he will allow the NATO troops to station in his state if he feels it will be in benefit for his country.

He added that he will work only for the national interest, not for others. This Statement was given out by the Slovak Prime Minister after one week when all around the country, it is being discussed that NATO might station its troops in the country.

The Government’s only member who came into favor of and backed the stationing of NATO troops was the Slovak Foreign Minister, Ivan Korčok. According to inside reports, it is completely unfavorable for the government and the present political environment.

According to a recent survey, 44% of Slovaks believe that NATO is responsible for border tension in Ukraine and only 34% are in favor of NATO’s deployment and blame Russia.

Eduard Heger further enunciated that the opposition of the country is trying to pull out Slovakia from European Union as well as NATO because they are fearful for equality and rights as well as freedom.

He underscored that the opposition is stuck in corruption and extremism hence wants to pull out from the European Union (EU) and NATO. In the backdrop of the recent tension in the region, NATO is trying to deploy its 100 battalions in Slovakia as well as other member states.

Presumably, NATO will be doing this for the protection of the Eastern frontier. The Prime Minister of Slovakia acquiesces with this proposal. He has urged the government to accept it as well as the national parliament if and only if it is in the interest of the country.