Dakhla, 10 July 2023(TDI): Today, Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and his Guinean counterpart Morissanda Kouyaté co-chaired the 7th session of the Morocco-Guinean Joint Commission in Dakhla.

Minister Bourita expressed Morocco’s eagerness to develop an effective partnership with Guinea’s public and private sectors. He highlighted that their collaboration not only benefits the two countries but also serves as a model for South-South cooperation in Africa.

The Minister commended Guinea for its unwavering commitment to promote peace and development in the region.

He mentioned that Guinea demonstrated its determination by signing the tripartite MoU in 2022 for the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project.

During the session, he called for the strengthening of South-south cooperation following Moroccan King Mohammad’s (VI) African development model.

The two leaders inked eight bilateral cooperation agreements between Guinea and Morocco in the energy, security, education, culture, and transportation fields.

During the joint press conference, Minister Bourita underlined the uniqueness and gradual development of their relations.

Democratic Transition in Guinea

He lauded the evolution of the democratization process and the restructuring of the state institutions in Guinea. Moreover, he mentioned that these undertakings by Guinea’s leadership are a source of optimism and confidence for Morocco.

Nasser Bourita reaffirms Morocco’s support for a successful democratic transition in Guinea, which is necessary for regional development. “Guinea is one of the countries with which we share a strong and historic partnership,” he added.

The Minister affirmed Morocco’s firm standing with the principle of non-interference and its policy of extending help to brotherly nations. He recognized the positive humanitarian and consular exchanges between Rabat and Conakry while emphasizing the growing political cooperation between them.

Additionally, he stressed fostering economic cooperation with the greater participation of the private sector in both countries.

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On his part, Guinean Minister Morissanda underscored the opening of the consulate general of Guinea in Dakhla in 2020. The inauguration ceremony of the consulate took place today after the session.

He reaffirmed Guinea’s firm and constant support for Morocco’s autonomy plan initiative as the only credible solution to the Sahara issue.

Morocco submitted the plan to the United Nations in April 2007, granting administrative, legislative and judicial autonomy to the local authorities.

Furthermore, he noted the collective determination of both countries to foster a win-win situation in their bilateral relations. He added that their relations serve as an exemplary model of South-South cooperation for the rest of the African continent.

The Guniea’s Foreign Minister thanked Minister Bourita for accepting his invitation to visit Guinea in September 2023.