Chișinău, 27 August 2022 (TDI): The Republic of Moldova celebrated its 31st Independence Day on 27 August this year. On this day in the year 1991, Moldova became a sovereign state independent of the Soviet Union.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Nicu Popescu took to his Twitter account and wished a Happy Independence Day.

Celebrations of Independence Day

This day is celebrated with happiness and joy all over the Republic of Moldova. Moldovans commemorate the day with fireworks, street celebrations, and family gatherings.

They sit down to enjoy a traditional meal like mamaliga, a cornmeal porridge often served with butter and sour cream. The celebrations are incomplete without world-famous Moldovan wines.

At the Great National Assembly Square in the nation’s capital Chișinău, citizens enjoy an annual patriotic concert and military parade.

The Moldovan president and other high-ranking officials also participate in a wreath-laying ceremony before the president addresses the nation.

History of Moldova’s Independence 

According to history, the Republic of Moldova derives from the Moldovan principality of 1359. However, what is today the Republic of Moldova consists only of the central and eastern parts of the original principality.

The region was an integral part of the Romanian principality of Moldova until the year 1812. At that time the Ottoman Empire was forced to cede the area to Russia.

It remained a province of the Russian Empire until after the First World War. After that, it became a part of Greater Romania.

The Moldovan land reverted to Russian control in 1940-1941, and again after the Second World War when it joined a strip of formerly known Ukrainian territory to make the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic.

With the collapse of the USSR in August 1991, the republic declared independence and took the name of Moldova. It became a member of the United Nations in 1992.

Moldova’s National Flag

Moldova’s tricolor national flag decorates buildings and homes across the country on independence day.

The blue, yellow, and red colored flag has a central coat of arms featuring an eagle holding a golden scepter and an olive branch that symbolizes peace.

The shield on the eagle depicts an auroch, a prehistoric ox that has become the national symbol of Moldova.