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MOFA Azerbaijan response to MOFA Armenia’s statement


Baku- 25 July 2021 (TDI): On 25th July 2021, Leyla Abdullayev, the Head of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan commented on the statement of the Media and Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia dated July 23, 2021

Leyla was of the view that although Azerbaijani ancestors have lived in areas of Armenia they were subject to severe ethnic cleansing,  homes were ransacked, and were forced to leave by Armenia. In addition, replying to the accusation of occupying Armenian territory, she said that Azerbaijan has reached the border and is just consolidating the border. She stated that Armenia is not willing to form cordial relations with Azerbaijan as the country is still not compatible with the post-war period.

Consequentially, she stated that Nagorno Karabakh is an inherent part of Azerbaijan and there is no doubt and question about it.

Finally, she blamed Armenia for intercepting the Humanitarian efforts of Azerbaijan in coordination with International Humanitarian Organizations. She said that political games are being played by Armenia in the name of the humanitarian situation in the region. She maintained that Azerbaijan is working in compliance with International Humanitarian Law to maintain peace and stability in the region.


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