Mexico City, 15 February 2022 (TDI): On the 14 of February, Mexico and the People’s Republic of China celebrated 50 years of their bilateral relationship. For the occasion, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico and President Xi Jinping of China exchanged congratulatory letters.

Activities to Celebrate the anniversary 

The headquarters of the Foreign Ministry of Mexico and the Global Harbor illuminated with the colors of their for the celebration. Moreover, the Chinese ambassador to Mexico Zhu Qingquia, Rocio Barcena Molina, and Carmen Moreno Toscano participated in the presentation of the commemorative stamps for the occasion.

The Ambassador of Mexico to China  Jesús Seade for the celebration addressed the event and emphasized the closer and strategic relationship between the two Nations.


Mexico and China bilateral Relationship

Since 1972, Mexico and China established their official diplomatic collaboration. Indeed, this event was made possible after China retook its seat at the United Nations.

After five decades, both have worked to strengthen their ties. For instance, in 2013, Mexico and China established the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Moreover, in the last two years, during the pandemic, cooperation between the two resulted beneficial to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerning the pandemic era, the support of China to Mexico could have been seen on donations of various medical equipment. Moreover, there have been clinical trials of the Chinese vaccines in Mexico.

Furthermore, on one side, China is the second-largest trade partner to Mexico. On the other, China is the third destination for Mexican exportation after the United States and Canada.

The two nations interact through people-to-people relations and cultural exchanges. Currently, in Beijing(China), many states are playing in the Winter Olympic games of 2022, and Mexico is one of them.
Besides, Mexico has sent six athletes to represent them at this high-level sports event.

To maintain these ties, both have their representatives in each other countries. In particular, Mexico has its embassy in Beijing and three other consulates in different cities of China, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. China, for its part, has its embassy in Mexico City.

Mexico and China Multilateral Relationship

In the Multilateral Areas, both states are members of similar international organizations. For instance, they are members of the United Nations(UN), the Group of 20, the World Health Organization(WHO), and the World Bank.

Similar to their bilateral interaction, both want to strengthen their international presence. Indeed, both have close cooperation in the forums such as the G-20, where the world-leading economies interact together. In addition, China and Mexico are advocators for global COVID-19 vaccines and the international recognition of antigens by the WHO.