Buenos Aires, 8 December 2021 (TDI): Yesterday, Foreign Minister of Argentina Santiago Cafiero met his counterpart Foreign Minister of Uruguay Fransisco Bustillo in Buenos Aires. In their meeting, they discuss the bilateral agenda and, especially the border and health issues.

Both sides also exchanged on the importance of the management of shared river resources, emphasizing the role of the Administrative Commission of the Uruguay River(CARU) and the Administrative Commission of the Rio del Plata (CARP).

The border issue is a big element in the interaction of these two actors since both share 3 crossing paths, have to work closely to follow the sanitary measures and control the pandemic.

This meeting was not the only time both Foreign Ministers met.

Actually, on the 5 of October of this year high-level meetings to enhance the relationship between Argentina and Uruguay.

Bilateral Relations 

Uruguay and Argentina have a long history together, in fact, both were part of the Spanish Empire. Throughout history, their nations had conflictual relations. Actually, Argentina ruled Uruguay at one point and it was until the treaty of Montevideo in 1828  that it became independent again.

Despite all the tensions and history, these nations have, nowadays there is an emphasis on peaceful relations. Each country has an embassy and consulates in the other. First, Uruguay has its embassy in Buenos Aires and consulates in different cities of Argentina such as Cordoba and Concordia.

Secondly, Argentina has its embassy in Montevideo, and 3 consulates in differents cities of Uruguay. As the official representation of Argentina in Uruguay, it covers politics, diplomatic relationships, economic, legal, and cultural topics.

From the Uruguayan side tourism, defense, trade, culture, and politics are the areas of collaboration. In addition to that, Both parties interact on a multilateral level, they are parts of the United Nations UN, the Southern Common Market Mercosur, the Organization of the American States OAS, and more.