Ukraine is one of the countries that are present in the Winter Olympic Games that are happening right now in Beijing, China.

45 athletes are part of the Ukrainian Olympic Team competing to put the name of their country to the top. All of them with hopes of achieving the maximum dream of bringing a medal back to their homes.


He was born in Pervomaisky, Ukraine, and currently resides in Kyiv. Abramenko was born on 4 May 1988 and has 33 years old. He is an Olympic Gold medallist freestyle skier, and his specialization is the aerials discipline.

Abramenko won his gold medal in the last Olympic Games celebrated in Pyeongchang 2018. His first Olympic Games were the ones celebrated in Turin, Italy in 2006. He also received the nomination and ticket to compete in the next Games, which were in Vancouver Canada in 2010.

There Abramenko placed 24th in aerials. Furthermore, two years after the Games, he won his first World Cup podium in Minsk, Belarus. He won second place and later was third place in Voss, Norway.

Abramenko became the first Ukrainian to win the World Cup in the aerials and other disciplines. Due to his performances in Lake Placid, US, he won his ticket to be part of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games. After his victory in his competition, Abramenko became the second Ukrainian to win an Olympic gold medal.

Finally, in 2022, he received the nomination to participate in his fifth Olympic Games, which he is currently part of; and has yet to compete.


She was born on 10 October 1987, in Konotop, Ukrania when it was one of the Soviet Republics. Currently, she has 34 years old and continues to reside in her birthplace. She is a cross country skier active in the international arena since 2005.

Antsybor has been part of the Olympic Games four times representing Ukraine (2010, 2014, 2018, and now 2022). She made her debut in the 2005 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, where she finished 4th in the 7.5km freestyle race and 13th in the 5km classical race.

Maryna Antsybor member of the Ukranian Olympic Team
Maryna Antsybor member of the Ukrainian Olympic Team

In the 2010 Olympic Games, Antsybor finished 14th in the 4 × 5 km relay, 15th in the team sprint, and 37th in the 10 km. As mentioned before, she was also part of the 2014 Games, where she finished 47th in skiathlon, 35th in the mass start, 12th in the relay, and 34th in the sprint.

Antsybor also receive a nomination to be part of the Olympic Team in 2018. There she finished 46th in the 10 km individual race, 53rd in skiathlon, 56th in the sprint, and 19th in the team sprint. In 2022, she received another nomination to compete and she had a competition two days ago, where she finished 56.


She was born on January 9, 1987, in Legnica, Poland.  She is 35 years old and currently lives in Ternopil, Ukraine. Moreover, Bilosiuk is one of the most successful winter sports athletes in Ukraine.

Furthermore, she first represented Ukraine in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. There she finished 12 in the mass start. During the season of 2012-2013, Bilosiuk ended ranking 8th in World Cup general classification.

In the Olympic Games of 2014, she won the gold medal with her team in the Women’s Relay. After a break and a regular season, she was able to qualify to be part of the Ukrainian Olympic Team for the 2018 Olympic Games.

There she carried the flag, although in the end couldn’t compete due to poor physical conditions. She qualified again for the current 2022 Olympic Games and awaits her competition.


She was born in Navapolatsk, Belarus, but she naturalized herself as a Ukrainian, where she currently resides. Blashko is 26 years old, and her specialization as an athlete is biathlon.

In her professional career, Blashko represented Belarus, she has won the bronze medal at the Biathlon World Championship in the relay competition in 2021. Blashko won gold in the sprint race at the 2015 Biathlon World Championships. 

In 2022, she received the nomination to be part of the Ukrainian Olympic Team. She competed last night in her event although with no positive results.


Dancha was born in Onokivtsi, Ukraine when it was one of the Soviet Republics on 26 March 1990. Her specialization is snowboarding and currently is 31 years old. Her first participation representing Ukraine was the Olympic Games in 2010, where she qualified 16th in the parallel giant slalom, but lost in the round of 16 to Marion Kreiner, finishing 16th.

In the next Olympics in 2014, she was 21st in the qualifying run of the parallel giant slalom and 21st in the parallel slalom; but Dancha didn’t advance to the next round of either event.

Dancha also qualified to compete in the Olympic Games of 2018, where she ended her competition in the last position. She was responsible for the best result for Ukraine at snowboarding competitions in February 2019, where she got 6th place.

During that event, Dancha won a silver medal in the parallel slalom, which was the first medal for Ukraine at snowboarding competitions. She also received a nomination to be part of the Ukrainian Olympic Team for the 2022 Olympic Games. Dancha’s competition started yesterday.


Darenskyi was born in Dnipro Ukraine, on 7 July 2001. He is currently 20 years old, and is a skater, with a specialization in pair skating competitions.  Darenskyi and his partner were chosen to be part of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games, they were part of the bronze medal-winning team in the team event.

Due to the retirement of his previous partner, he had to partner with Sofiia Holichenko. Both received the nomination to represent Ukraine at the 2021 World Championships but had to withdraw as both tested positive for COVID.

Days later after winning their first Ukrainian National Title, the Olympic Committee chose them to join the rest for the Olympic Games in 2022. The pair has already competed and finished 9th in their discipline, ending their participation in the Games as Ukraine did not advance to the second stage.


Dubrova was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she resides currently, on 3 April 2002. She is 19 years old and is part of the Ukrainian Olympic Team, set to compete soon in the current Games.

Dudchenko was born in Vyry, Sumy Oblast, Ukraine on 17 December 1996. He is currently 25 years old and resides in his birthplace. His specialization is the biathlon, he already competed and ended his participation at the 50th position.

Anton Dudchenko, member of the Ukranian Olympic Team
Anton Dudchenko, member of the Ukrainian Olympic Team

Dukach was born on July 30, 1995, in Lviv, Ukraine, and he is a luger. He has participated in several World Championships, and two Olympic Games (2018-2022). In the 2018 Olympic Games, he finished 23rd in the singles’ race and 13th in the team relay.

The Olympic Team nominated Dukach after he won his ticket for the current Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. He already competed both individually and in the team event, where he finished in 19th and 11th.


She was born on 19 September 1990 in Kyiv, when it was one of the Soviet Republics. She is a biathlete, Olympic champion in women’s relay; and also multiple World Championship medalist.

Dzhima was one of the most successful biathletes of the 2010s. She was a member of the Olympic Team for the 2014 Games, where she and the Ukrainian Team ( with Pidhrushna) won the gold medal in the women’s relay.

Dzhima later qualified to represent Ukraine in the 2018 Olympic Games, and due to the circumstances, she only competed in the individual race. A year before, the Committee granted her the Best Athlete of a Month award. In 2022, she qualified to be part of the Games and already participated in some events.


He was born on 5 March 1999 in Kyiv and is currently 22 years old. His specialization is high-speed skating in a short field. Handei will compete today at the 500 meters race, and these are his first games.

Oleh Handei, one of the members of the Ukrainian Olympic Team
Oleh Handei, one of the members of the Ukrainian Olympic Team

He was born on January 12, 1999, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Heraskevych is the first-ever Ukrainian skeleton racer. Furthermore, he began competing in 2014. He qualified for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018, which meant the first-ever for Ukraine in this sport.

During the Games, he finished 12th and 7th in the final fourth run, and Ukraine regarded those results to be very successful. The country later broadcasted the first Skeleton World Cup for the first time.


She was born on 23 November 2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine. She competes in the pair ice skating discipline. In June 2020, Holichenko and Darenskyi announced their partnership to compete together. 

Their first attempt to qualify for the Winter Games ended in the position 11th, outside of the qualifications. When they won their first national title, they both received nominations to be part of the Olympic Team.

They already participated and finished 9th among 9th pairs, to mark this as their first and only participation as Ukraine didn’t advance to the finals.


She was born on 10 august 1993 in Ivano-Frankivsk, and her specialization is the bobsleigh, and is set to continue training until her competition. She is part of the monobob event.


He was born on August 9, 1993, in Vorokhta, Ukraine. Furthermore, Kalinichenko is a ski jumper and former Nordic combined skier. As a Nordic combined skier, he competed in four Junior World Championships and debuted in the World Cup.

In 2014, he changed to train as a ski jumper, and there he participated in four World Championships. Later in 2022, after winning his qualification, he received the nomination to join his teammates of the Olympic Team.