Washington DC, 8 December 2021(TDI): Malala Yousafzai is currently vising the United States. So far, Malala met two important officials and discuss subjects that Malala is an advocate.

Malala met with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the US Antony Blinken, and Pakistan Ambassador in the US Asad Majeed Khan on different days. However, the Message to both authorities was the same, human rights and girls’ rights to education.

Firstly, on December 6, both met at the State Department in Washinton. Secretary Blinken was open to the ideas that Malala would propose. Because that will be the basis of future collaboration. Blinken also demonstrated admiration for Malala’s combat.

Malala stated that nowadays there is a country that does not let girls access secondary school which is Afghanistan. Precisely, the Advocate for girls and women emphasized that the education of girls is a powerful tool for peace and security.

Furthermore, Malala brought a letter from 15 years old girl named Sotodah from Afghanistan. Who explains the situation that girls and women are exposed to. In the letter, It is highlighted that Universities and longer schools are closed for girls.

Secondly, on December 7, Ambassador Khan and Malala met at the Embassy of Pakistan Washinton DC. There both talked about human rights and especially women’s rights to study. Additionally, Ambassador Khan and Malala exchanged on the treatment of women in Afghanistan and Kashmir, which region that experiment instabilities.

Who is Malala?

As it happens, Malala is of Pakistani origin and the world knows who Malala is thanks to her heroism and desire of learning. Indeed, Malala became an international symbol for girls’ education, when shot by the Taliban in 2012 opposing their restrictions for girls to study.

Despite everything, the sad events turned into a joyful one, because after all, over 2 million people signed a right to education petition, and the National Assembly ratified Pakistan’s first right to free and compulsory education bill.

Last but not least,  now Malala still fights for human rights, precisely women’s and girls’ rights to get an education. This shows to the world how altruistic is Malala and that the fight for gender equality is still relevant in the 21st century.